25 August 2013

One Year of the Youth’s Campaign for Freedom of Information: Our Struggle Continues

Exactly one year ago, the FOI Youth Initiative (FYI) was born.

While we continue to struggle for the passage of the Freedom of Information Law, our victory, so far, can be counted in our numbers. Now, with 129 organizations of young people from all over the country, we have successfully created the first and only national youth network advocating for the enactment of the FOI Bill. Through this, we continue to mount the strongest campaign for transparency and accountability that is empowered by young leaders.

However, our battle is definitely far from over. With the statement of the President that the Priority Development Assistance Fund (PDAF) will be abolished, more than ever, we need the FOI Law to further safeguard public funds. Malacañang is said to be waiting for a clear public clamor in order to throw its support for the measure.

In celebration of our first year in the FYI, we will attend the August 26 gathering in Luneta to add our voices to the growing frustrations of the Filipino people over the many instances of corruption in government. This should be the resounding public clamor for FOI that the President and our representatives in both Houses of Congress must hear. Our group will not bring banners bearing our name because the FOI Youth Initiative can be distinctly identified with our presence there as young people seeking transparency and accountability among public officials and offices.

On that day, we will join the Right to Know, Right Now! Coalition, the multi-sectoral alliance for FOI—our elders and mentors in our struggle, at Liwasang Bonifacio at 9:00am. Together, we will march to Luneta in solidarity with the people’s common desire for a government that is open and honest to the people that it serves. #FOInow!

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