02 October 2012

The National Youth Commission joins in the call for the passage of FOI

Recently, the National Youth Commission (NYC) became part of the growing support for the passage of the Freedom of Information Law when it passed Resolution No. 14 s. 2012 or "A Resolution Calling for the Immediate Passage of a Freedom of Information Act."

The NYC resolution called for the swift enactment of the FOI Bill into law and for young people to exercise the values of transparency and accountability found in the measure in their endeavors in organizations, student councils, and the Sangguniang Kabataan.

Commissioner Gio Tingson, the main sponsor of the resolution, said that “we’ve been hearing many youth groups who have become very active in the campaign for transparency saying that the FOI is also a major concern of their sector. This prompted us to be one with the clamor of the Filipino youth who sincerely desire change in this society.”

The youth groups Tingson was referring to are part of the FOI Youth Initiative (FYI), a national network of young people’s organizations, which was launched last August in support of the campaign of the Right to Know, Right Now Coalition.

“We feel that our campaign is being intensified now that the NYC is with us. A government office for the youth that is now part of the struggle for public transparency and accountability shows that the FOI is indeed an issue of young Filipinos,” mentioned Chris Alquizalas of the UPD CSSP Student Council, the convenor of the FYI.

Alquizalas added that “FOI is for everyone. Each and every Filipino now and in the future will benefit from this law as this will curb corruption and promote participatory governance. We hope that our fellow young people will join us in the Committee on Public Information hearing on the FOI Bill to show legislators that the future of this nation is waiting for Congress to pass a law that would result in a government that is open to the people and sincere in its promise of a straight path to progress.” 

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