09 October 2012

Union of Progressive Students (UPS): Transcending Privacy for Transparency

How far can one go for the sake of service?

Commitment and Accountability

Public service is a commitment, and a thrust of trust. Aside from the power vested upon public officials and public institutions to govern and organize the people, tasks and responsibilities are part and parcel of it, accountability and transparency not excluded.

The Union of Progressive Students affirms our support to the manifesto and membership of a national coalition of youth organizations strongly supporting theHome passage of the Freedom of Information (FOI) Act—the FOI Youth Initiative (FYI)

We believe that information is a right, not a privilege

Just as we continue our call for a more responsive and comprehensive STFAP, the University of the Philippines System has received our tuition fee increases reaching hundreds of millions of pesos for the past 6 years that the latest TOFI was implemented; and it is our basic right to know where these funds are going. The administration has all the right to keep transactions of the university kept confidential for security purposes, but at the same time, not to withhold our right to information.

As we call for transparency in our administration in UP, as well as the current Philippine government system, let us all support and be one in our aim to fight for the passage of FOI!

Privacy and Freedom

The same comes true as we oppose specific provisions in the RA 10175 or the Cybercrime Prevention Act that represses our freedom of expression in the cyberworld. UPS strongly believes that the bill—though made into law to protect the Filipino people against cybercrimes such as cyberbullying, cyberprostitution, and cybersex—has provisions that seriously restrict us on our freedom and privacy (especially on our right to rebel and express), that are declared as universal human rights by the United Nations, of which we are a proud member of.

If we truly protect the rights and welfare of our citizens, then we need not hamper other rights to do it. UPS calls the government to junk RA 10175 and reconstitute an unrepressive cybercrime protection law. And as the Supreme Court ruled for a TRO for the said law, let's reconstitute the law to further its best interest but not compromising our freedom.

Public Officials, Claim Commitment and Accountability.
It's time to reconstitute a new Cybercrime Protection Law.
Fight for FOI, Pinoy!

Union of Progressive Students (UPS) is a partner organization of the FOI Youth Initiative (FYI).

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