11 September 2012

[FYI in PCIJ] Youth to Congress: ‘FOI is our issue, too!’

From http://pcij.org/blog/2012/09/11/youth-to-congress-foi-is-our-issue-too.

Whoever said that the stalled Freedom of Information (FOI) bill is only meant to benefit the media apparently doesn’t have his ear to the ground – or his browser on Facebook.

Youth groups sounded the call for the immediate passage of the long-delayed FOI bill as they banded together to form the FOI Youth Initiative, or FYI.  The group is a network of organizations and student councils “that believe that transparency and accountability are prerequisites for genuine social transformation,” according to a statement that the group posted online.

In its statement, the group expressed disappointment over the failure of the House of Representatives to act on the FOI after 14 years, and demanded that legislators give the measure full priority.

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