28 September 2012

UP ETC: We support the FOI Bill!

UP Economics Towards Consciousness (UP ETC) favors the passage of Lorenzo Tañada’s version of the Freedom of Information (FOI) Bill. We believe that this bill would improve transparency and responsibility in the government and provide easier access to data for academic research.

The FOI Bill holds government officials responsible and accountable and empowers its citizens. In a participative democracy, the responsibility to monitor the performance of public officials rests on the citizens. Hence, greater transparency fosters a healthy democracy. The FOI Bill, imposes criminal liabilities to any agency that withholds access of information from the public. We strongly believe that this law would help eradicate corruption. It would also lessen the cost of acquiring information, motivating the citizens to be vigilant and participative

This bill would also empower the academe. Access to knowledge and information would greatly benefit students, professionals and researchers with their academic endeavors. This more accessible information could help improve the state of the public sector, in the provision of government services and, even the private sector

Along with the freedom of access to information, there is a need for a provision that will hold users of information responsible for any misinterpretation or falsification of public information which may cause public confusion. The system of record-keeping must also be improved and well-designed to prevent the loss or misplacement of important documents.

UP ETC is firm in its stand to support the passage of Tañada’s Freedom of Information Bill to improve transparency and to reduce the costs of accessing information.

partner organization of the FOI Youth Initiative (FYI).

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