10 November 2012

Be a Partner Organization of the FOI Youth Initiative (FYI)!

The FYI Manifesto (click on the graphic to enlarge)
or click here to view the HTML text version.
By being part of the FOI Youth Initiative (FYI), your organization will be informed about the different ways you can contribute to our collective campaign for the passage of the FOI Bill. The network may also be able to assist your organization through various means in any of your initiatives that seek to raise awareness about government transparency and accountability and to push for the enactment of this important measure into law.

Simple lang ang mga kailangang gawin upang maging bahagi ng FYI ang inyong mga organisasyon! 

Your organization, through your head, just needs to sign the FYI Manifesto by giving us the following:
  • Full name and title (i.e. Chairperson, President) of the head of your organization
  • Complete name of your organization and its acronym or shortened name if it has any
  • School or community where your organization is based

You can submit these details through these channels:
  • Send a message through our Facebook page.
  • Tweet us via @Youth4FOI.
  • Text our Secretary General at (0906) 312 7928.

Once your organization becomes a signatory to the manifesto, we can add your organization head to our Facebook group to be updated about the activities of the FYI. He or she can also add other members of your organization to the Facebook group with the approval of the administrators. In order for us to do this, your organization head has to also send us the address of his or her personal Facebook account aside from the other details mentioned above. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact us!

Kabataan, magbuklod tayo para sa isang pamahalaang bukas at may pananagutan sa mamamayan! FOI now!

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