12 November 2012

The Moment of Truth for Transparency in Government

Tomorrow, we will finally have a hearing for the Freedom of Information Bill in the Committee on Public Information at the House of Representatives. This meeting has been long overdue after many times that it has been postponed because of several excuses, the lamest of which is that there was no available venue in the Batasan Complex.

We in the FOI Youth Initiative (FYI) have had enough of the excuses and delaying tactics from those who fear transparency and accountability. We expect none of these tomorrow in the committee hearing. And we expect that our supposed Representatives will attend this important meeting.

We urge our legislators, especially the members of the Committee on Public Information, to rally behind this measure to show that they truly represent the Filipino people in our desire for a government that is open and honest.

The FYI, together with the Right to Know, Right Now! Coalition, will be watching the members of Congress with vigilance and with the hope that they shall be true to the mandate given to them.

Today, while members of the FYI will march to Mendiola with the groups from the Right to Know, Right Now! Coalition, we will also be holding the BANTAY BATASAN PARA SA FOI where we, under the leadership of the UP Diliman CSSP Student Council, will conduct a phone brigade to find out if the individual members of the Committee on Public Information will attend or be absent in tomorrow’s hearing. The responses of these legislators’ offices will be released online later tonight.

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